Homeless Network of Yakima County

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For safety reasons, messages will not be forwarded to Domestic Violence Shelters.  For a directory of shelters across the country, please see the following link to the Homeless Shelter Directory web page: http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org

Looking for Missing Family Member

Many individuals who are experiencing homelessness in America are also missing and their family is looking for them. When friends and family are seeking to find a homeless loved one, the lack of address and contact information can make finding someone a very difficult task.  Many service providers are unable to share information about their clients due to confidentiality laws and for the client’s own protection in cases of domestic violence.  In addition to searching public records and placing ads in the classifieds, it is recommended that family members contact local shelters to help them find their family member. For the latter option, the Homeless Network of Yakima County can help. 

If you fill out the form below with your contact information and a description of the person you are searching for, it will be forwarded to local shelter providers and outreach workers.  If they know your family member, they can pass on the information to them.  Unfortunately, there will be no way to know if the person was located unless they contact you.