The  Homeless Network of Yakima County is looking for community members to be involved in planning to address housing and homeless issues in Yakima County. It will take all sectors of the community to address this very complex problem.  There is a general membership meeting once a month and various committees forcused on youth and affordable housing.

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The Homeless Network of Yakima County supports a variety of projects with goods and supplies:

  • Welcome Home Kits: When individuals who have experienced long-term homelessness finally move into their home, they typically have none of the items needed. We want to provide kits to help ease their transition into housing and provide them with basic items that every home needs. For $250, the Network can purchase 75% of the items in this kit.
  • Comfort Kits:  These kits contain essential needs and hygiene items for individuals and families that are currently unsheltered. For $5, the network can purchase 75% of the items in this kit.
  • Extreme Winter Weather: The Young Adult Extreme Winter Weather Shelter collects items to distribute to the young adults during their stay.

New Way to Donate

A new system for donations has been developed to ensure that community members are fully aware of what the specific need is as well as having multiple options based on their ability to donate. Donors can sponsor a drive to collect kits or items or donate funds to purchase those items.   Community members also have the option to donate directly to specific programs if they choose.  The following interactive list is updated on a regular basis.  

To donate items, sponsor a drive, or donate funds to purchase these items, please contact Lee Murdock at 509-834-8173.


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