Almost 7,000 items were donated by individuals and community members including food, clothing, and more that was vital for operations.  Thank you to all of those who contributed items to ensure the guests were comfortable and had their needs met.

Andrew & Ulla Whitmont

Bert McDonnell

Betsy Bloomfield

Bob & Leslie Wahl

Brad Baldwin & Tim Walker 

Cami Leonard

Carol Yeates & Joe Tanasse 

Charles & Julie  Johnson

Christina Mittelstaedt

Christi Anderson

Christine Brown

Craig Wilson & Tom Trepanier

Dave & Penny Dion

David & Kathy Helseth

David Lynx & Tim Jeske

Deb Sterling

Debby Black

Denyse Gladson

Don & Jane Gargas

Don & Stephanie Capps

Eric & Cecilia Vogt

Gary & Robyn Heilman

Jennifer Lee

Jeradine Ketchum 

Jim & Mary Stephenson

Jim & Penny Baker

Jim & Robin Hutton

Jim & Sally Baldwin

Joe Tanasse & Carol Yeates 

John & Angela Rennie

John & Sandy Schmella

John Benson

Johnny  & Bev Warren 

Joshua Jackson

Thank You Project Partners

Thank you Project Sponsors!

American Red Cross - Yakima

Bethel AME
Central Lutheran Church
Community Health Plan of Washington
Englewood Christian Church
Entrust Community Services

Inland Alarm
OIC of Washington
People For People
Rod's House
St Michael's Episcopal Mission 
Unity Church
Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Network Supporters - 2017

The Homeless Network of Yakima County is made-up of multiple partners and organizations.  The following partners were vital in ensuring this project was successful by donating space, supplies, or training.

Andrea Ely

Antolin Cellars
Beth Dannhardt
Bob & Sally Hart 
Brad Hill 
Carmen Mendez & Garrett Matzke
Classic Events Catering
Creekside Dental
Cub Scout Pack 268
Dan & Carolyn Gray
Deborah Severtson-Coffin
Denise Peterson
Diane Nichols
Don & Helen Hinman
Fenice Fregoso
Fred & Bob Plumb Fontanilla
Gita Lunden
Inspired Dental
Jason White
Judy Kjellman
Junior League of Yakima 
Katrina Vickers & Family
Kay DeLong
Keepable Creations

Thank You Project Volunteers!

Alayna Sowder   

Ann Willis

Annette Rodriguez

Becky Buell

Becky Scholl       

Beth Dannhardt

Betty Wilkinson

Brandon Pittman

Brenda Robertson 

Bruce Willis

CarlieJoy Mansfield

Carrie Huie-Pascua

Carter Svendsen

Charity Finch     

Cheryl Rohret

Chris Quast

Chris Stresing

Chris Svendsen

Christina Zaragoza

Cody Tussler

David Helseth

Denise Svendsen

Dennis Boyd

Donald Green

Emily  Morris

Emily Figueroa 

Felicity Pittman

Frank Navarro

Heather Panian

Heather Thomas

Holli Radke        

Holly Mayer

James Gentry

Jason Moos

Jean Hansard

Jean Ragland

John Niccum

Josh Jackson

Julia Gonzalez

Karla Griffin

Karla Hernandez 

Kathy Helseth

Kathy Schultz     

Kathy Tierney

Kylie Svendsen

Albert & Greta Bryan

Anita Monoian

Banner Bank

Blaine & Precy Tamaki

Central Valley Bank - Yakima Branch

Chris & Patricia Clark

CW Residential Care Services

Design Central Northwest

Downtown Yakima Rotary Club

Holy Family St Vincent's

Homeless Network of Yakima County

Inspired Dental

Kiwanis Club of Yakima

Kiwanis Trust

Leslie & Spencer Hatton

Marty & Judy Shives

McDonalds of Yakima - Greg & Jan Luring

Molina Healthcare of Washington

PayneWest Insurance

RBC Wealth Management

Rhonda Hauff

Russ and Nancy Mazzola

St. Paul's Parish

St. Vincent's of St Joseph

Seattle Seahawks

Stokes Lawrence Velikanje Moore & Shore 


Wilson Chiropractic

Yakima Federal Savings & Loan

Yakima Heart Center

Karen Lee

Kay Warneke

Kellie Connaughton

Ken and Lori Masset

Kevin & Lisa Martin Funk

Laraine Rising

Larry & Becky Scholl 

Leo Lee

Mansour & Ginger Nasser

Martin & Christine Bardill

Michael Collins and Dr. Kay  Funk

Michael Jach & Kathy Tierney

Miriam Angel

Nona Schulz

Pat & Marilyn Hunter

Pat & Teresa Laffey

Patsy Danielson

Paul & Natalie Newman

Phil Dindria

Rachel Davis

Ralph & Diane Berthon

Ralph & Cindi Conner

Ricardo Chama

Ron & Diana Graham

Scott & Jane Peterson

Sharon Allen

Starla Gable

Steve Hill

Ted & Beth Klingele

Tom & Shari Lovell

Tom & Donna Olivia

WD Frank 

Wesley & Alice Charlton

Thank you Project Donors!

Leah Beth Ward

Mary Jane & Chuck Funk
Michael Collins and Dr. Kay  Funk
Mitzi Casey
Neva Hilfiker
Noel Moxley
Operation Tin Cup
Pastor Don Davis
Paul Newman Auctions
Randy & Susan Beehler
Rich  & Nancy Leendertsen
Rick Main & Kim Brewer
Rotaract - Sub club of Rotary
Seattle Seahawks

Spencer & Leslie Hatton
Steve & Andrea Altmayer
Susie Lattomus
Terry Neal
Tony & Linda Haralson
Virginia Mason Memorial
West Valley High School Honor Society
Women for Women Homelessness Project
Yakima Four Square Church 
YUM Bakery

Thank you

Homeless Network of Yakima County

Homeless Network Logo

Over 3,200 volunteer hours donated by members in our community made this project possible. please take a moment and thank one of the multiple volunteers who made sure that 20 young adults had a safe place to be this winter. 

A special thank you to the overnight monitors who worked 11 hour shifts and collectively walked the interior of the church on fire watch almost 4,000 times.  

A special thank you to Englewood Christian Church, Unity Church, and Central Lutheran Church for providing many of the volunteers.

Thank You Project Contributors

Lana Burwell      

Lee Murdock

Leslie Hatton

Lexi Mitchell

Lisa  Apple

Lisa Piccatti

Luke Svendsen

Lyle  VonEsson

Marc Stoffer

Margaret Walsh

Margot Delage

Martin Sanchez

Maura Doyle

Michael Jach

Michael Murdock

Michelle Baughman 

Mike Piccatti

Monica Lopez

Paola Swearndin

Pastor Don Davis

Patricia McKee

Rhonda Hauff

Robin Perches

Sandi Vogel       

Sandy Bullock

Shannon Hauck

Sharon Hamson 

Shelley VonEsson

Silvia Torres

Spencer Hatton

Stephen Best

Stephen Merz

Steven Goicoechea 

Sue Scott

Tamara Maybee

Terri Pace

Tim Franks

Tom Gaulke

Tracy Horn

Valerie Bazard

Wishes to remain Anonymous

Wishes to remain Anonymous

Wishes to remain Anonymous

Wishes to remain Anonymous