Guiding Principles
Homeless Network Logo
  1. Participate in developing and supporting public policy toward ending homelessness.
  2. Provide a place to share ideas, concerns and resources and foster collaboration.
  3. Increase community awareness related to the causes of homelessness, the needs of homeless people and ways to end homelessness through public education and advocacy.
  4. Research and develop resources to support Network projects.
  5. Implement and annually review county-wide plans to end homelessness.

The Network focuses on achievable strategies to move individuals and families experiencing homeless beyond shelter to permanent housing and self-sufficiency by looking at a comprehensive range of needs and developing the local capacity, through collaborative efforts, to meet these needs.

Homeless Network of Yakima County

The Mission of the Homeless Network of Yakima County is to advocate for people who are homeless in order to improve their quality of life, increase public awareness of the issues of homelessness, impact public policy and prevent and end homelessness.

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