Homeless Network of Yakima County

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Mission and Vision

The Mission of the Network is to advocate for the people experiencing homelessness in Yakima County in order to improve their quality of life, increase public awareness of the issues of homelessness, impact public policy and prevent and end homelessness. The Network focuses on achievable strategies to move individuals and families beyond shelter to permanent housing and self-sufficiency by looking at a comprehensive range of needs and developing the local capacity, through collaborative efforts, to meet these needs.

Priorities and Strategies

During the last Homeless Network of Yakima County Retreat, the following strategic priorities were identified t.  They are also aligned with the Federal Strategic Plan to prevent and end homelessness. The structure of the Network is based on these priorities.

  • Public Policy
  • Advocacy
  • Public Awareness
  • Crisis Response

Strategies for Implementing these priorities is currently being developed by the new committees. 

Our Work