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Formed in response to the development of the Washington State Department of Commerce Office of Homeless Youth, the Youth Coalition voted to become a committee of the Homeless Network of Yakima County in 2017.

Since inception, the participating membership has nearly doubled and the coalition and Network have made progress on the following youth-centric goals:

  • Developed policy recommendations for serving “mature minors” in shelters
  • Establishing an extreme winter weather shelter for young adults
  • New Street Youth Services program launched,
  • Identifying potential youth leaders for a youth action board.

The Homeless Network of Yakima County Affordable Housing Committee is comprised of multiple service providers and members of the community who are associated with the development, management, and access to affordable housing in Yakima County.   The committee will assist in determining gaps in the housing continuum of care and make recommendations to the Community on how to best close those gaps in relation to the current Homeless and Housing Needs Assessment for all residents of Yakima County.   To best make these recommendations, the committee will do the following:

  • Complete a recent Housing Needs Assessment which will include a Housing  inventory.
  • Compile, Analyze, and disseminate Best Practices and Innovations regarding Affordable Housing.
  • Identify potential partners to assist in addressing those gaps in the housing continuum of care including providers, municipalities, and members of the community.
  • Advocate and educate consumers and the public to address issues surrounding affordable housing.

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