Welcome to the heart and soul of the Homeless Network of Yakima County. Here you'll discover the essence of our mission and the remarkable individuals and entities that bring it to life. Welcome to the triumphant trio: our "Hall of Heroes," our vibrant community of members, and our inclusive Meeting Calendar.

This page is a celebration of the heart and soul of our organization – our members. From dedicated individuals to visionary organizations, each member plays an indispensable role in driving our ongoing success and fostering positive impact.


Hall of Heros

Welcome to our inclusive and dynamic Meeting and Events Calendar! We believe that progress is best achieved when minds come together, and that's why we are thrilled to open our doors to the public for these transformative gatherings.

Our Community

This page is dedicated to honoring the incredible individuals who make our mission possible through their unwavering support. From our generous donors who provide vital funds, to our devoted volunteers who contribute their time and skills, and our valued supporters who share their valuable resources, we are eternally grateful for the collective impact they have on our work.