Clean Restrooms for All

Why Public Hygiene Matters

In Yakima County, access to clean and safe restroom facilities should be a fundamental right, extending beyond any labels or circumstances. We believe that every member of our community deserves dignity, safety, and a clean place to answer nature's call. That's why we're embarking on an essential public hygiene project based on the Portland Loo® model.

Traditional public restrooms can sometimes become hubs for illicit activities, posing risks to both users and the community. In contrast, The Portland Loo® is a proven solution that prioritizes safety, cleanliness, and accessibility for all. It's not just a restroom; it's a symbol of our commitment to fostering a more inclusive and hygienic community.

Accessible in Every Setting
The flexibility of The Portland Loo® means it can serve diverse locations, from rural parks to bustling urban areas. Its off-grid option ensures that even places without traditional utilities can benefit from this essential resource. It's about ensuring that everyone has access to clean and safe facilities, no matter where they are.

Sustainable and Long-lasting
With proper maintenance, The Portland Loo® can last for up to an incredible one hundred years. This durability makes it a sustainable investment in the future of our community, reducing long-term costs while providing a vital service.

Your Support Creates Change
When you contribute to this campaign, you're not just supporting a restroom project; you're helping to create a safer, more compassionate, and inclusive community. Your generosity ensures that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can access clean and dignified facilities.

Get Involved Today!
Join us in this vital mission to transform lives, promote dignity, and make our community safer for all. Together, we can create a lasting impact, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate environment.

Public Hygiene